Welcome to the Hambury Stores Website, we hope that you will enjoy your time with us and would love to see you sometime soon! close

Hambury Stores will once again open for the spring later on this month. We aim to be open on the 19th March 2016, in time to the run up to Easter.

We have been sourcing lots of new products for you all to try and there will be an addition of a gluten free range of products for the store. The addition of some new cheeses, pies, pasties and charcuterie for our new chillers is quite an exciting prospect and the introduction of some new breads and cakes in the Bakery, just to add to the spice of life! mmmm! Oh and of course Heathers Dorset Apple Cake will be back.

We have a range of new chillers being added to the store together with a rearrangement of the Bakery area. Unfortunately it is now unlikely that the new units will be in place prior to the reopening of the store, but this work should take place within the following few weeks. Much has gone into the planning stage and we are now awaiting delivery of the units.

The cigarette gantry has now been removed and this has allowed us to extend our wine selection and offer a greater range of smaller sized bottles of spirits. We are looking to diversify our wine selection even further, so look out for some good introductory prices on those selections.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon.


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